EASTER T’CAMP 2024 arose because we realized that, in Portugal, there is once again, in recent months, a group of people wanting to train and willing to dedicate some time to specific orienteering training.

To make a contribution in this regard and following the O-Portugal Christmas Training Camp, we decided to organize a training camp again.

We are aware that this training camp program is demanding. We try to reduce the intensity of training, in order to have more focus on specific orienteering training.

We believe that whoever is present will have an opportunity to evolve, learn and consolidate methods.

In each training session, we will have 4 different working groups, allowing EVERYONE, without exception, to have courses adapted to their abilities and objectives, divided as follows:

  1. Begginers: ideal for those who, without having experience, want to learn the symbols and the bases of orienteering, in a calm and intuitive way, which typically happens in young people aged under 10 and 12, on courses close to linear references;
  2. Development: suitable for people who have already done orienteering a few times, but still need to consolidate their navigation bases. This is the case of the 14 and 15 year old age groups, which represent a learning phase in which it is very difficult to find balanced courses;
  3. Advanced: specific training is used, in order to work on and individualize the different navigation components, but without too much physical strain. Recommended for ages 17 and 18, as well as masters between 45 and 70 years old;
  4. Elite: all technical and physical factors are worked on, simultaneously with a large volume of training. All training has a clear specific work objective, which can be focused on the physical, mental or navigational component.

The technical information describes, for each training session and level, the objective to be worked on.

Furthermore, we believe that training meetings and analysis are a very important factor to best enhance the effect of each training session and increase focus on the objectives of each session.

Three technical meetings are scheduled. To optimize the quality of these sessions, we ask that those present download their courses routes on Livelox. We invite everyone to be present in these meetings.

All courses and maps were tested by Tiago Aires, Luís Silva and Ricardo Esteves Ferreira, in order to guarantee the rigor of each training session. We have even made several changes and updates to all maps.

All photos on this page are of locations where there will be control points.